Ahobilam Narasimha Swamy Temple Timings, History, Videos, Photos

Ahobilam Narasimha Temple Darshan Timings, History

About ahobilam temple: ahobilam is the only place where all the nine forms of the Lord Narasimha swamy are worshipped. The temple consist of nine shrines to lord narsimha located around 5 km circle. In addition to the nine shrines, there is a temple for prahaladavrdh in the foot hills of the mountains. Due to security reasons it is difficult t worship the nine shrines in the temple.

Ahobilam is the place where Lord killed hiranyakasyapa and saved prahaladha. Maha lakshmi took avatar as senju lakshmi among the senju, tribal hunters of the hills, and married the Lord.

The shrines of the ahobilam temple is situated on the top of the first range and is referred to as upper ahobilam nd down below is called as lower ahobilam. A huge temple surrounded by a number of buildings can be seen at the upper ahobilam. The main shrine of the “sacro sanctum” at upper ahobhilam was carved out of a big egg like rock with mandapas. There is a tank here, which supplies water to the residents of the upper ahobila temple. It is mainly for the growing of flower for shrines.

There is a lower ahobilam in the below with big temple and enclosures, it was built according to south Indian style. Thousands of pilgrims stay here in this temple.

Ahobilam Narasimha SwamyTemple Timings
Ahobilam Narasimha SwamyTemple darshan Timings

The Sthalapurana of Ahobilam (History) in Sanskrit gives an account of nine forms of narasimha, worshipped here. They are.

  • Baraga narasimha swamy
  • Yoghanandha narasimha swamy
  • Chatravathi narasimha swamy
  • Ahobila narasimha swamy
  • Varaha narasimha swamy
  • Karanja narasimha swamy
  • Malola narasimha swamy
  • Jwala narasimha swamy
  • Pavana narasimha swamy.

The above are the nine shrines of narasimha swamy at ahobilam temple.

Ahobilam bhramotsavam:
it was the annual festival which takes place in the first fortnight of phalguna month, a fort night after shiva ratri. The padmasalis of the place claim the divine consort as a maiden of their own class, and so they claim the right to perform kalyanotsavam to the lord.

How to Reach Ahobilam Narasimha Temple:


  • The nearest airport is at tirupathi which is 229 km.
  • It is 333km away from the Hyderabad international airport.


  • The nearest railway station is prodattur which is 60 km away.
  • Jammlamadughu railway station is 55 km away.


  • Direct bus too ahobilam is available from all the major bus stands from kadapa and Kurnool districts.

Ahobilam Narasimha swamy temple videos:

Ahobilam Narasimha Swamy Temple darshan timings:

Lower Ahobilam Temple Timings:
Morning Darshan Hours 06.30AM – 01.00PM
Evening Darshan Hours: 03.00PM – 08.00PM

Upper Ahobilam Temple Timings:
Morning Darshan Hours 07.00AM – 01.00PM
Evening Darshan Hours: 02.00PM – 07.00PM

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