Information About Suprabhata, Thomala seva, Archana seva

Information about daily seva conducted to Lord Venkateswara:

Sri Venkateswara temple is one of the most ancient pilgrim centres in southindia. And one of the most famous, bussiest and richest temple in India. Sri Venkateswara temple is located in ‘venkatadri’ hill which is one of the hills in seven hills. This suprabatha seva is the first seva which was conducted to the lord venkateswara. After ekhantha seva temple was sealed in the presence of authorities. There are Four sevas which are conducted daily. They are.

  • Suprabhata seva
  • Thomala seva
  • Archana seva
  • ekhnata seva
    In this we provide you the information about how this seva will provide to lord. The following are as follows.

How suprabatha seva is conducted to lord venkateswara:

During suprabatha seva in the early morning a company of five acharyas, holy musicians, anamacharya dynasty pundits and sannidhi golla with akasha ganga water will enter into the temple. After the doors were opened sannidhi golla will enter first and get the first darshanam of the god and he will ignite the holy lamps then pundits will enter into the temple. Then the pundits start the chanting of slokas called suprabatham. This suprabatham will be sung before the bangaru vakili after which the bhoga srinivasa murthy who was laid on the bed in the sayana mantapam was to garbha gruha. Later navaniha harathi will be offered to lord with cow’s milk butter and sugar. Later these prasadam was offered to the devotees.

How thomala seva is conducted to lord venkateswara:

Thomala seva is also called as bhagavathi aradana.THOMALA means garland of flowers, in which the deity is decorated with flowers and tulasi leaves. This seva is conducted between 3:45a.m to 4:45a.m on all the six days but on Friday it is conducted between 7a.m to 8a.m.the following steps are how thomala seva is conducted

How archana seva is conducted to lord venkateswara:

Archana seva is also called as bhagavathi aradhana. In which the priest will worship the lord with chants. This seva is conducted after the conduction of thomala seva at 4:30a.m and in evening at sharp 4:30 P.M after that three types of harathis are given to the lord. This seva will conduct all the days of the week. Devotees are allowed only in Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of the week.

How ekhanta seva is conducted to lord venkateswara:

This is the final ritual conducted to the lord in daily rituals. During ekhanta seva. Sri bhoga srinivasa murthy vigraham is seated in the velvet bed in the swinging golden cadrle in sayana mandapam. A descendant of annamacharya the poet devotee of the lords sings annammaya keerthanas to put the lord to sleep.perfumed sandal wood biscuits are placed at the feet of the lord venkateswara and on the chest of the bhoga srinivasa murthy and alivelmanga. During ekhanta seva lord is offered sweet, milk, fruits etc.

The following are the steps to follow while attending for daily seva:

SEVA means performing seva to the lord on payment
• All the people who are performing the seva are advised to report to the vaikuntam queue complex at least to 45 minutes to 1 hour before the seva.
• The time of reporting to the seva is at early morning 2:30.
• The ticket cost for archana seva is 220/-, for suprabhata seva Rs.120 For thomala seva RS.220 for one person only 10 tickets are purchased through online and remaining for current booking. For the children who are below the age of 12 are allowed without the seva tickets. It is free entry.
• All the pilgrims are advised to come with traditional dress code, a woman can wear a saree or a chudidaar with chunii.
• Whereas for man devotees can where a dhoti or lungi with uttareeyam or a simple shirt and trouser are allowed.

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